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State Legislation

State lawmakers are so beholden to the NRA, they’ve ignored public opposition to permitless carry. Here’s why that’s dangerous.

A permitless carry law goes into effect in Texas on September 1—making it the 20th state to allow permitless carry. Despite massive public opposition to this dangerous gun law, Governor Abbott signed this bill into law with NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre sitting beside him.

It’s clear that too many state lawmakers across the country are determined to do the bidding of the NRA and completely ignore the majority of their constituents, religious leaders, and even law enforcement, who oppose this dangerous policy. 

Permitless carry laws go against the core values and culture of responsible gun ownership. These laws allow untrained and unvetted people to carry concealed guns in public places. People can carry in our parks, our shopping malls, crowded town or city centers, and any of our streets—with no way of knowing who has had safety training or who would fail a background check. 

Creating a culture where people feel they need to carry a gun in order to protect themselves from abstract harm is a threat to public safety. It encourages irresponsible gun ownership and emboldens people with dangerous histories to carry loaded handguns in public. 

From door to door, our volunteers are still doing the work.

Permitless carry has become one of the NRA’s main policy priorities: to strip all training, background checks, or permitting requirements for carrying a hidden, loaded handgun in public. 

In response to permitless carry going into effect, Texas Moms Demand Action volunteers are going store to store in their communities to let businesses know they have the right to prohibit guns from being carried without a permit on their private property. Unless a business or property owner posts this sign at each entrance, it will be legal for a person to carry firearms without a License to Carry (permit) on the property. 

The gun lobby’s priorities have never stopped Moms Demand Action volunteers from doing their critical work. If anything, it empowers us to work harder and fight back.

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