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State Legislation

Everytown welcomes you to the National Conference of State Legislatures

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Calculate the Economic Cost of Gun Violence

Do you want to know. . .

  • how much gun violence over the last weekend cost?
  • the economic cost of the most recent mass shooting?
  • how much gun violence costs taxpayers in your city?

Calculate the cost of gun violence in your local community using our interactive tool.

Gun laws in your state

The Gun Law Navigator is the largest historical database of modern U.S. gun laws, drawing on Everytown for Gun Safety’s survey of state gun laws back to 1991. 

The Navigator allows you to:

  • compare the strength of state gun laws
  • track trends over time
  • identify gaps in the gun laws in your state

Explore the Gun Law Navigator

How does gun violence impact your community?

Gun violence data in your community

Although the impact of gun violence is felt throughout the United States, its contours vary widely by state, county, race and ethnicity, gender, and intent. EveryStat was designed for users to better understand how gun violence impacts the communities they care about.

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