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The following values are a framework to help guide the work of Everytown and our affiliated grassroots and political entities. Most times these values will be in harmony. But as the challenges we face and the political and cultural landscape on which we operate continue to evolve, sometimes they will be in tension with one another and force us to evaluate what best serves our mission to spare all people the pain and trauma of gun violence. But these values will always inform our decisions.

  • FOCUSED: We are focused and data-driven in our mission to end gun violence and believe we have a moral imperative to help save lives and reduce the physical, psychological, and economic harms that stem from gun violence
  • INTERSECTIONAL: We recognize the intersectional nature of gun violence
  • COMMITTED: We are committed to creating a movement and culture that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable
  • NON-PARTISAN: We believe that ending gun violence should not be a partisan issue and are committed to working across the political spectrum and with varied partners to end gun violence
  • REFLECTIVE: We regularly reflect upon our progress and strive to be pragmatic, strategic, innovative, and nimble
  • TRAUMA-INFORMED: We understand the impact of working on gun violence and strive to mitigate the effects of trauma on those advocating for our mission
  • RECEPTIVE: We believe good ideas can come from anywhere