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Guns in Public


Guns in Public

What is the problem?

Carrying a gun in public is a tremendous responsibility. Common-sense public safety laws help keep guns out of places where they don’t belong. They also ensure that people who carry concealed guns in public have undergone a background check and gun owner safety training.

Many states lack common-sense public safety laws that ensure core public safety standards are met prior to carrying guns in public. Many also fail to prohibit guns in sensitive areas where guns don’t belong. Public safety laws should be implemented to prevent violent criminals and people who pose a threat to public safety from carrying guns and ensure that those carrying guns in our communities are trained in basic safety techniques. In addition, effective laws discourage violent conflict and encourage people to deescalate confrontations rather than using deadly force.

Why is it an issue?

In recent years, the gun lobby has worked to allow anyone to carry guns anywhere in public, anytime, with no questions asked.

The majority of gun owners support requiring a permit to carry a concealed gun in public and believe permit systems contribute to a culture of responsible gun ownership. Unfortunately, the gun lobby has taken an extreme position that favors making it easier for people with dangerous histories to carry guns in public, and even eliminating the concealed carry permit requirement altogether. Its extremist position also favors allowing guns in places where the risk of gun violence is elevated, like bars and courthouses. At the same time, they have urged states to pass Stand Your Ground laws, which lead to armed vigilantism, are associated with increased homicides, and have a disproportionate impact on communities of color. These policies, which are opposed by the majority of gun owners, law enforcement, and public safety officials, undermine public safety.

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What are the solutions?

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