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NRA headquarters

Ditch the NRA

When you pay to join the NRA… you get a sticker. And… that’s about it. Today, just ten percent of what they spend protects things like this. The rest helps pay for NRA executives to enjoy this:

  • Designer suits from Beverly Hills.
  • Luxury trips to Italy, Hungary, the Bahamas.
  • Private jets.
  • Golden parachutes.
  • And lots of lawyers.

No wonder the NRA is bankrupt. Ditch their sticker. The NRA has lost its way.

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NRA Watch

The details of the NRA’s alleged corruption and scandal are coming to light in several court cases across the country and in the work of investigative journalists. NRA Watch compiles detailed legal filings from these cases and those news reports so you can read for yourself about the various scandals at the NRA.

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