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NRA Grades Archive

The NRA has become toxic — underwater with Americans in the polls, and a liability at the ballot box where NRA-backed candidates are on the defensive. So in an attempt to shield NRA-aligned candidates from public scrutiny, the NRA appears to have taken down years of letter grades that it gave to candidates and elected officials based on their support for the gun lobby’s dangerous agenda. According to media reports, the NRA originally blamed it on an “IT glitch,” but an anonymous NRA official suggested that the grades were being used against NRA-supported candidates.

As a service to the public, NRA grades dating back to 2009 are available for download here.

NOTE: According to the NRA, The grade of “AQ” is an NRA A-grade based solely on a candidate’s response to the NRA’s candidate questionnaire, in the absence of gun-related votes. A grade of “?” indicates that a candidate did not fill out the NRA’s candidate questionnaire.

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