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Washington state outline


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Washington has made great strides in its commitment to passing laws that help prevent gun violence. In 2018, Washington enacted a host of laws through a ballot initiative that included stronger background checks on all gun sales, raising the minimum age for gun purchasing, and requiring that gun owners store guns securely.

853 In an average year, 853 people die by guns in Washington. More at EveryStat.
#10 in the country for Gun Law Strength. (Down from #9 last year). See why.

With Gun Sense Candidate Jay Inslee as governor, the state has enacted new gun safety legislation like an Extreme Risk law in 2016, passed police accountability laws, and has begun to make significant investments in community violence intervention funding. To become a safer state, Washington can work to require training for those licensed to carry a handgun in public, take legislative steps to hold irresponsible members of the firearm industry accountable, and strengthen its dealer licensing requirements.

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