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Despite several tragedies in Texas—including the 2022 Robb Elementary School shooting, the 2019 El Paso and Odessa shootings, and the 2017 Sutherland Springs shooting—state lawmakers continue to sit on their hands and refuse to enact foundational gun safety laws. To the contrary, the laws passed in recent years have torn down existing protections. Texas now forces colleges and universities to allow guns on their campuses, allows school personnel to carry guns in K–12 schools, and as of 2021, has no requirement to get a permit before carrying a concealed handgun in public.

4,122 In an average year, 4,122 people die by guns in Texas. More at EveryStat.
#32 in the country for Gun Law Strength. (Same as last year). See why.

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Gun Violence Yet Again Wreaks Havoc on Celebratory Weekend; Underscores Urgent Need for Action on Gun Safety

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Survivor Story


Claire Hein Blanton: Governor Abbott has continued to fail Texans. He has continued to fail our children.

Fall means back-to-school. Like many other families in Houston, mine is settling into the beginning of a big year. My oldest started kindergarten recently. His little sister started preschool, following closely in his footsteps. The back-to-school period can be filled with mixed emotions for parents and caretakers. But as a… Continue