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Texas has weak gun laws. The state does not require a person to pass a criminal background check before purchasing a firearm from an unlicensed seller. Texas also allows people with carry licenses to carry concealed firearms on college and university campuses. Texas even allows some staff and teachers to carry firearms in K-12 schools.

3,455 In an average year, 3,455 people die by guns in Texas.
398 From 2015 to 2019, 398 women were fatally shot by an intimate partner in Texas.
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To become a safer state, Texas can improve its gun laws in many ways, including by requiring background checks on all firearm sales, requiring domestic abusers prohibited from possessing firearms to relinquish the firearms they own, and enacting an Extreme Risk law to empower loved ones or law enforcement to intervene in order to temporarily prevent someone in crisis from accessing firearms.

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