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Tennessee state outline


At a Glance


Tennessee has a mix of weak and strong gun laws. Tennessee has improved their gun laws by narrowing the Charleston loophole to give law enforcement enough time to conduct background checks. It has also closed dangerous loopholes that allowed domestic abusers to buy guns. Despite those improvements, the Legislature continues to introduce harmful legislation. This includes permitless carry, guns on campus, and expansion of Stand Your Ground.

1,273 In an average year, 1,273 people die by guns in Tennessee. More at EveryStat.
#32 in the country for Gun Law Strength. See why.

Tennessee lawmakers also weakened firearm safety training in 2019. They did this by passing legislation that both reduced the amount of hours required to train and enabled online training to get a concealed carry permit. To become a safer state, Tennessee should enact responsible gun storage requirements for both vehicles and homes, repeal Stand Your Ground, and repeal its permitless carry law.

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