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Hawaii has one of the lowest rates of gun deaths—and among the strongest gun laws—in the country. The Aloha State also has one of the lowest rates of gun ownership. In addition to having all foundational laws and strong domestic violence protections, Hawaii is among the few states in the country to enact a 21-year-old age minimum for firearm purchases and an illegal gun removal program. In 2023, Hawaii strengthened and updated its laws governing permits to purchase and carry firearms and passed a law to hold gun industry members accountable when their actions result in harm.

62 In an average year, 62 people die by guns in Hawaii. More at EveryStat.
#6 in the country for Gun Law Strength. (Down from #3 last year). See why.

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This Legislative Session, Hawaiʻi has an Opportunity to Lead the Nation’s Fight Against Gun Violence 

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