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Florida has a mix of weak and strong gun laws. Long called the “Gunshine State” because of the perception that the gun lobby controlled all firearm legislation, Florida has taken steps in recent years to improve its gun laws. Following the 2018 Parkland mass shooting, the state enacted an Extreme Risk law to enable law enforcement to petition a court to temporarily restrict access to firearms by those in crisis.

2,989 In an average year, 2,989 people die by guns in Florida. More at EveryStat.
#19 in the country for Gun Law Strength. See why.

Florida continues to weaken other gun laws. The same legislation that created the Extreme Risk law also allowed schools to arm staff, putting students and staff at risk by introducing more guns in schools. Florida could improve public safety are by enacting legislation requiring criminal background checks on all firearm sales, repealing the state’s dangerous Stand Your Ground law, and by strengthening Florida’s concealed firearm license.

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