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Colorado has many strong firearm laws and has made significant progress in its gun law strength in the years since the 2012 Aurora movie theater shooting. These measures will have an impact on keeping guns out of the wrong hands—and the state can hope for an improvement in its gun violence rate as the impact of those new laws comes into view.

951 In an average year, 951 people die by guns in Colorado. More at EveryStat.
#11 in the country for Gun Law Strength. (Up from #12 last year). See why.

In the years since the Aurora shooting, Colorado has required that firearms be stored securely to prevent child access, ensured domestic abusers turn in their guns, and mandated background checks for all gun sales. In 2021 alone, lawmakers in the Centennial State repealed a law limiting localities from passing gun laws, created an Office of Gun Violence Prevention, barred people with violent offenses from buying guns, and limited qualified immunity. In 2023, lawmakers continued their progress by passing laws to help hold bad actors in the gun industry accountable for the harms they cause, raise the age to purchase a firearm, stem the proliferation of ghost guns, and institute a waiting period for firearm sales.

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VICTORY FOR GUN SAFETY: Colorado Governor Polis Signs Another Critical Gun Safety Bill To Implement a State Firearm Dealer Licensing System

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How We Won in Colorado: A Decade of Rewriting the Narrative

“Supporting this bill is the clear choice in order to prioritize public safety, which is ultimately why we elected you all,” said Students Demand Action leader Grace Taub while testifying on a bill that would require waiting periods for gun purchases in March of 2023. “But I wanted to make… Continue