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Victory for Gun Safety: Eleven Moms Demand Action Volunteers Elected In Illinois and Wisconsin


Last Cycle, More Than 275 Volunteers And Gun Violence Survivors Ran For Office, Showing Growing Political Power 

Everytown Victory Fund’s Demand A Seat Program Trains Volunteers and Survivors to Run For Office and Work on Campaigns

NEW YORK  Last night, 11 Moms Demand Action volunteers across Illinois and Wisconsin were elected to office, highlighting the growing political power of volunteers as candidates for office. A list of the candidates elected is available below.

Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund’s “Demand a Seat,” program recruits and trains volunteers and gun violence survivors to run for office and work on campaigns. The program, backed by a $3 million investment, provides educational training and mentorship opportunities for grassroots volunteers considering campaigns at the local, state, and federal levels. Since the launch of Demand a Seat, hundreds of people have expressed interest and participated in the program. More information on Demand a Seat can be found here.

“For nearly a decade, Moms Demand Action volunteers have shown they’re willing to do whatever it takes to shape the policies that protect their families and keep communities safe from gun violence. Wanting to make those policies as elected officials is a logical and crucial next step,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action. “We are incredibly proud of this latest group of volunteers who decided to make the move from influencing laws to writing them, and we’re thrilled to have 11 more gun sense champions holding elected office.”

“Moms Demand Action volunteers have been a political force for years, so it’s no surprise that more and more of them are running for office — and winning,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety. “These newly elected Moms Demand Action volunteers know a thing or two about passing lifesaving laws, so you can be sure they’ll hit the ground running, and they can count on Everytown’s full support.”

Moms Demand Action volunteers who were elected last night in Illinois and Wisconsin include:

  • David Kaptain, who was elected Mayor of Elgin, IL
  • Emily Kuhn, who was elected Mayor of Middleton, WI
  • Martha Paschke, who was elected Alderperson for Geneva, IL, Ward 4
  • Kelly Henry, who was elected to the Elmhurst, IL School District 205 Board of Education
  • Julie Hill, who was elected to the Glen Ellyn, IL School District 41 Board of Education
  • Becky McCabe, who was elected to the St. Charles, IL Community School Unit District 303 Board of Education
  • Beth Pope, who was elected to the Warren, IL Township High School District 121 Board of Education 
  • Meghan McMillin, who was elected to the West Northfield, IL School District 31 Board of Education
  • Amy Sabor, who was elected to the Woodland, IL Community Consolidated School District 50 Board of Education
  • Jackie McGrath, who was elected as Barrington, IL Public Library District Trustee
  • Lauren Kunstler, who was elected as Geneva, IL Public Library Board Trustee

During the 2021-2022 election cycle, more than 275 volunteers ran for office. A record-breaking 158 volunteers won their races and 41 percent of them were first-time candidates or challengers.