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Texas Moms Demand Action Statement in Response to ‘Come and Take It’ Event in Austin


AUSTIN – In response to the demonstration today by Come and Take It Texas—one of the gun extremist groups arguing for the passage of HB 195, which would allow the open carry of handguns with no permitting or background check requirements—the Texas Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America released the statement below from volunteer Claire Elizabeth.

“As Texans and parents, we refuse to have to determine whether the people open carrying around us are members of law enforcement sworn to protect us, activists making a political statement –like those holding the armed rally at the Capitol today – or dangerous criminals who intend to harm us.  Make no mistake: expanding open carry is simply an attempt by the gun lobby to make it acceptable for anyone to open carry guns everywhere, no questions asked. In fact, HB 195, the bill Come and Take It Texas supports, would allow the open carry of handguns without any permit requirements, not even a background check. This is not the Texas we want to raise our families in.”