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Statement on Nevada Cop Killer Being a Prohibited Gun Purchaser


Upon the latest news that one of the shooters in yesterday’s tragedy in Las Vegas was a prohibited gun purchaser, Everytown for Gun Safety today released the following statement from President John Feinblatt:

“We are still learning all of the details about how the shooters in yesterday’s tragedy in Las Vegas got their guns but we do know that one of the cop killers was a convicted felon who was prohibited from purchasing firearms.  Events like these remind us that there are massive loopholes in our country’s gun laws – and they demonstrate once more why political leaders at both the state and federal levels need to take action to fix our laws and prevent dangerous people from easily getting their hands on guns.  This is especially true in Nevada, where just last year Governor Brian Sandoval vetoed comprehensive criminal background check legislation that both chambers of the Nevada legislature passed.   Nevada Senator Dean Heller also voted against a federal background check bill – despite support from 86 percent of Nevadans.  We think it’s time for political leaders to take a second look and support comprehensive background checks that will block dangerous people from buying firearms.”

Everytown for Gun Safety has also compiled various fact sheets relevant to the Las Vegas shooting to provide important contextual background to media coverage of this event in which three people were killed including two law enforcement officers:

·      A chronicle of several 2013 shootings in which law enforcement officers were killed by individuals who were prohibited from possessing firearms.  In states that require background checks on all gun sales, 39 percent fewer law enforcement officers are killed with guns.

·      A fact sheet on Nevada’s lax gun laws and also details the facts surrounding other recent, high profile shootings in the state showing how Nevada’s gun-crime rate is higher than the national average and that the state’s weak laws gun put guns in the hands of dangerous people.

·      A summary of recent gun violence incidents involving extremist hate groups shows the clear connection between radical groups and lax gun laws. 

Everytown for Gun Safety has gun violence prevention experts and survivors available to speak with media.  If interested, please email [email protected]