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Reports Show Shooter in Last Week’s Shooting in Denver That Killed Five, Wounded Two Held Extremist Views. Here’s What to Know about Deadly Impacts of Armed Extremism:


Last week, five people were killed and two people were wounded in a series of shootings across Denver on December 27th, 2021. One of the wounded includes a police officer. Recent reports show that the shooter in the incidents expressed misogynistic and extremist views, detailed on social media and online. 

Misogyny is a frequent component of gun violence and extremist violence in the United States. Our country faces dangerous challenges from white supremacists, anti-government militias, and other armed groups and individuals of the extreme right that seek to perpetrate violence, spread conspiracies, traffic in hate speech, and engage in armed intimidation. Guns and gun rights are central to many extreme-right groups and individuals.

In recent years, far-right extremists have used guns as tools of intimidation and violence in increasingly open ways. They do this by taking advantage of weak state gun laws to brandish weapons at extremist demonstrations, intimidate peaceful protests for racial justice, and plan homicidal attacks. Research shows that guns are more likely to be used in planned attacks, rather than more-impulsive hate crimes

While Colorado lawmakers have passed historic gun safety measures over the past several sessions, there is more work to be done to protect Colorado communities and halt the rise of armed extremists. State and local leaders can take further action to prevent gun violence in their communities by continuing to push for common sense gun safety measures that address extremism and gun violence, such as supporting community-based violence interventions, and prohibiting open carry of firearms. 

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