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Real News: The NRA Just Said They’re “Proud” of Shameful, Race-Baiting Ad


NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch Says She’s “Proud” of the Video; Ad Sparking Opposition from Leading Gun Violence Prevention Organizations and Key Influencers

WASHINGTON – Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a part of Everytown for Gun Safety, released the following statement today from founder Shannon Watts as NRA leaders double down—saying they’re “proud” of the disturbing, race-baiting ad re-released this week. The ad generated strong opposition from leading gun violence prevention organizations including Everytown and Moms Demand Action as well as from key influencers. Yesterday, the organizers from the Women’s March sent an open letter to NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre to address the gun advocacy group’s supposedly fraught relationship with marginalized communities.


“There’s no mistaking the purpose of this ad: it’s meant to drive fear and incite violence. By dog whistling white supremacists and vigilantes with the tacit encouragement to harm their political opponents and ‘others,’ the gun lobby is attempting to ignite a culture war. They’re trying to convince Americans to take up arms against people from other races and political parties. It’s sick and cynical, but Americans and lawmakers are roundly rejecting the hateful and divisive politics of the NRA leadership.”

“In fact, the temperature of the American people and politics on gun violence prevention is in direct contrast to the NRA’s bleak worldview. Just last night, Hawaii joined Washington State and Tennessee in enacting laws to help law enforcement catch people with violent histories who illegally attempt to buy guns—the latest in a string of gun sense victories so far in 2017. Just last week, the Pew Research Center published a wide-ranging survey on Americans’ attitudes toward, and experiences with guns that indicated what we have long known to be true: Americans support common-sense gun safety policies. And just last month, in the Virginia Gubernatorial primary, the candidates were competing with one another for who had the better gun safety record. The calculus on this issue has changed—and the lawmakers under the gun lobby’s spell would be wise to step away from the fear-mongering and start paying attention.” Below is a summary of the latest news coverage on the NRA’s video: