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New Hampshire Moms Condemn State Senate, Urge House to Vote Against Bill to Revoke Law Enforcement Authority on Concealed Carry Permits


CONCORD, NH — Following the State Senate’s passage of Senate Bill 116 today, which would dismantle New Hampshire’s concealed carry licensing system and roll back law enforcement’s authority to stop dangerous people from carrying hidden and loaded guns throughout the state, the New Hampshire chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America released the below statement from volunteer member Katie Desrochers urging House members to vote against the bill.

In 46 states, including New Hampshire, a person must acquire a license in order to carry a loaded, concealed handgun in public. These licenses ensure that certain core public safety standards are preserved when people are carrying hidden, loaded guns in public places. SB 116 would make New Hampshire one of only five states to abandon these standards by allowing loaded, concealed public carry with no license required.


“This dangerous, gun lobby-backed proposal would strip law enforcement officials of the authority to decide who can carry loaded, hidden guns in our communities. As a mom, I trust police and sheriffs to make decisions that will ensure the safety of my family and community – and I urge members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives to vote against this dangerous bill. My top priority is my family’s safety and SB 116 does nothing to ensure it – it’s time for political leaders to side with moms and not with the special interest gun lobby that wants anybody to be able to carry a gun anywhere at anytime, no questions asked. That’s not good for public safety and that’s not the kind of community we want to live in.”