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NEW ADS: Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund Announces Digital Ads, While  Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility Announces Direct Mail Communications in Washington Sheriff Race


Ads, Mail Piece Highlight Sheriff Adam Fortney’s Extreme Agenda and Failed Record

WASHINGTON — Today, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund announced new digital ads in the Snohomish County Sheriff’s race, standing alongside Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, who have previously sent direct mail voter communications in the race. The ads highlight right-wing MAGA Sheriff Adam Fortney’s extremist agenda that puts Snohomish County families in danger.

“Sheriffs are elected to keep their communities safe, but right-wing MAGA sheriff Adam Fortney has used the office to advance his own extreme agenda,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety. “We’re making sure Washingtonians know they have a stark choice this Election Day: gun sense champion Susanna Johnson, or an extremist who has refused to take common sense steps to protect Washington families and communities.”

“Adam Fortney has fanned the flames of armed militia groups, re-hired deputies that have lost our community trust and has caused the Sheriff’s office to lose accreditation through his mismanagement and failure to follow best practices,” said Stephanie Ervin, Political Director of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility. “Snohomish County families deserve the thoughtful and experienced leadership of Susanna Johnson – who has proven her commitment to public safety including ensuring victims of domestic violence are protected.”

These independent expenditure (IE) efforts from Everytown for Gun Safety and the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility represent the largest amounts spent on IEs in the Snohomish County sheriff election in recent cycles.  



Meet Adam Fortney…

The MAGA Republican Sheriff with deep ties to white supremacist and hate groups.

On Fortney’s watch…

Violent crime is up, and homicides have nearly tripled.

We can’t trust Adam Fortney to keep us safe.

No candidate authorized this ad. Paid for by Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, Inc., P.O. Box 4184, New York, NY.

Washington Alliance mail piece for the Snohomish County Sheriff race: