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Minnesota Moms Demand Action, Students Demand Action, Everytown Urge Minnesota Senate Leaders to Take Up Background Checks and Red Flag Legislation


Today, Moms and Students Testified in Front of the Senate Judiciary Committee to Urge Lawmakers to Take up Life-Saving Gun Safety Legislation While in Session

In December, the Minnesota Senate Held a Hearing on the State’s Current Gun Laws Instead of Working to Require Background Checks and Pass a Red Flag Bill in the State 

HIBBING, Minn. – In a second hearing on gun laws in the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee — which has refused to consider meaningful gun violence prevention legislation — volunteers from the Minnesota chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America testified in favor of life-saving, common-sense background check and red flag legislation. 

“Minnesotans are ready for real action to address the gun violence that takes the lives of over 400 people in our state every year,” Sarah Mikesell, a volunteer with the Minnesota chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. “But thanks to Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Warren Limmer’s history of stalling gun safety bills, Minnesotans continue to live without crucial gun safety laws. If Senator Limmer is serious about addressing gun violence, he’ll hold a vote on meaningful policies – like background checks and a red flag bill  – when the Senate is in session in a few weeks.” 

In 2018, Minnesotans elected a gun sense Governor in Tim Walz and a gun sense majority in the Minnesota House who pledged to take action on gun safety. But last year, after the Minnesota House passed a bill requiring background checks on all gun sales and strong red flag legislation, the leadership of the Minnesota state Senate refused to act, blocking those bills from even seeing the Senate floor or receiving a public hearing. Minnesotans deserve better, and the Minnesota chapter of Moms Demand Action is committed to continuing to push the Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Warren Limmer to pass gun safety bills this legislative session.