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Media Matters: “NRATV has hosted a contributor to a white nationalist publication 32 times”


A new report by Media Matters for America has found that on at least 32 occasions since March 2018, the NRA’s flagship media platform, NRATV, has hosted an anti-immigration activist who regularly contributes to a white nationalist journal and has ties to other white nationalist-affiliated groups. According to Media Matters for America, eight of the appearances from Michael Cutler were on NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch’s show.

Media Matters for America reports:

“The NRA has long used immigrants as a boogeyman to rile up its supporters, and Cutler has become the organization’s go-to commentator for its inflammatory media operation NRATV. Since March 2018, Cutler has made 24 appearances on NRATV program Stinchfield, a news of the day program, and eight appearances on Relentless, which is hosted by NRA national spokesperson Dana Loesch. Cutler’s most recent NRATV appearance was on April 15.

“During Cutler’s April 15 NRATV appearance, he and NRATV host Grant Stinchfield fearmongered about the prospect of terrorism being carried out by undocumented immigrants. The appearance was typical of NRATV’s false characterization of undocumented immigrants as a public safety threat.”

The increasingly racist and inflammatory NRATV seems to be causing problems at NRA headquarters. Shows on the platform are produced by Ackerman McQueen, a PR firm that is being sued by the NRA for “refusing to comply with demands to justify its billings” according to a Wall Street Journal report. In the NRA’s complaint against Ackerman McQueen, the NRA acknowledges “certain NRA stakeholders were also concerned that NRATV’s messaging – on topics far afield of the Second Amendment – deviated from the NRA’s core mission and values.”

The NRA is currently dealing with multiple scandals, including Congressional investigations, lawsuits and public relations scandals. As the NRA Convention gets underway less than two weeks from now, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the NRA’s extremist views leading up to the convention.