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Day After Deadliest Shooting Since Sandy Hook, Everytown For Gun Safety Condemns Senate for Blocking Efforts to Prevent Gun Violence


WASHINGTON, D.C.Everytown for Gun Safety, the country’s leading gun violence prevention organization, released the statement below from President John Feinblatt following blocked efforts in the U.S. Senate today to close two critical gaps in our nation’s guns laws – one that enables criminals to avoid background checks by purchasing guns from unlicensed sellers online and at gun shows and the Terror Gap, which allows suspected terrorists to legally purchase guns.


“We are disheartened that on the day after the deadliest mass shooting since Sandy Hook, the U.S. Senate has once again put the interests of the gun lobby ahead of public safety by rejecting efforts to close dangerous gaps in our nation’s gun laws. The votes today included two different amendments addressing the Terror Gap that allows suspected terrorists to legally purchase guns – and it’s a step in the right direction to see both sides of the aisle admitting that this is a real problem – but Senator Cornyn’s proposal puts an incredible burden on the government by requiring it to prove within 72 hours that someone already on a FBI terror watch list will commit an act of terror: Why would we want to make it easier for terrorists to buy a gun than to board a plane?
“That’s why we support the proposal first recommended by President George W. Bush that ensures suspected terrorists can’t buy guns while also guaranteeing them due process.”

An overwhelming majority of Americans—including gun owners and NRA members—support closing the background check and Terror Gap loopholes. Today’s votes show how out of step politicians in Washington are from their constituents back home in the states, where we have and will continue to make significant progress passing laws and defeating NRA-backed legislation. In November we will hold our leaders in Washington accountable for their votes today – and support candidates who stand up for saving lives from gun violence.”

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