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Colorado Moms Applaud House Committee Vote to Uphold State’s Gun Safety Laws


DENVER, CO —Today, the Colorado Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America lauded the House Committee on State, Veteran’s and Military Affairs for voting down attempts to repeal Colorado’s gun safety laws and make it easier for dangerous people to have access to firearms.

Moms and their children filled the West Foyer of the State Capitol prior to the committee hearings in the House and Senate to urge lawmakers not to repeal Colorado’s common-sense gun laws. State Representative Rhonda Fields, a champion for gun violence prevention, and Jane Dougherty, sister of Sandy Hook mass shooting victim Mary Sherlach, joined Mom’s volunteer Jennifer Hope in rallying the crowd. Children held stuffed groundhogs to symbolize what is becoming a yearly ritual at the State House – attempts to roll back Colorado’s gun safety laws.

“Colorado’s extremist gun lobby and their legislative allies are determined to repeal Colorado’s life-saving background check law, put 100-round magazines like the one used in the Aurora Theater shooting back on the shelves, and do away with permitting and safety training requirements for those who want to carry concealed firearms,” said Jennifer Hope. “We hope the Capitol groundhog doesn’t see his shadow so that we don’t have to endure six more weeks of crazy gun bills and repeal efforts.”

Following the Stroller Jam, members of the Colorado Chapter delivered hand-made Valentines to state legislators urging them not to repeal Colorado’s common-sense gun laws. Many of them filled committee rooms where the House State Affairs and Senate Judiciary Committees heard legislation that would repeal requiring background checks on all gun sales, repeal the limit on high-capacity magazines and remove permitting and safety training requirements for people who want to carry loaded, concealed weapons.

Moms were not surprised that Senate bills to repeal background checks and remove permitting requirements for concealed carry weapons were moved out of the Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee. Hope asserted, “The fact that Senate Republicans voted to put guns back into the hands of dangerous people shows how out of touch they are with the majority of Coloradans. Hundreds of people who should not have a gun have already been stopped by Colorado’s background check law. Why would we repeal a law that is working to keep our families and communities safe?”