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WGLT – Bloomington (NPR): Moms Group Finds COVID-Safe Ways To Spread Gun Violence Prevention Message

“There is an awareness of what’s a priority right now for our community, and trying to handle the issues that are affecting us the most,” said Karen Irvin, a leader of the Moms Demand Action chapter. “But gun violence is underneath all of that. When we talk about the communities that are most affected by (COVID-19 or police-community relations), they’re also disproportionately impacted by gun violence. So there is an interconnection there.”…


PEOPLE: Actor Jason George Supports Wear Orange Campaign Against Gun Violence, Decries Systemic Racism

“Growing up in a military town shaped my perspective on guns and gun violence, but never more than when it famously became the center of gun violence itself, when twelve people were shot and killed in a mass shooting in my hometown almost exactly a year ago. Last year, I mourned with my Virginia Beach community. This year, I mourn for the lives cut short by racism and gun violence. The situation frustrates and infuriates me as it does many others. But it also motivates me. I’m inspired by the millions of Americans who agree with me.


American Academy of Pediatrics: Engagement and Leadership in Firearm-Related Violence Prevention: The Role of the Pediatric Hospitalist

“Everytown for Gun Safety created the Be SMART campaign, another framework to help families discuss firearm ownership and safe storage with others in their communities. Be SMART advocates for safely securing all guns in your home and vehicles, modeling responsible behavior around guns, asking about the presence of unsecured guns in other homes your children will visit, recognizing the role of guns in suicide, and telling your peers to be smart.”…


Katie Couric Newsletter: Gun Control Advocate Shannon Watts on Gun Safety, George Floyd Protests

“When white supremacists stormed Charlottesville with torches and guns, the president said there were ‘very fine people on both sides.’ When mostly white crowds protested stay at home orders, the president encouraged them. But when predominantly black crowds protest against the deaths of black people, the president called for more gun violence. We all — particularly white Americans — need to take a stand against injustice and racism to stop this dangerous president and his allies.”…